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Turnkey Solutions

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Custom Solutions

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OrbiWise Communication System

Orbiwise provides a complete “low-power wide-area” wireless communication system, optimized for connected objects, including core network software, gateways and device reference design. Two product offerings:

  • Solution for large deployments, scalable to support up to thousands of gateways and millions of nodes.
  • Solution for small deployments, with seamless / consumer-grade installation

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Communication Technology

From High Speed Race …

Traditional radio communication systems have been designed primarily for broadband communication and voice

Increasing communication speeds has been the priority in traditional cellular systems

… To Low Power Pace

OrbiWise communication technology has been designed from the ground up to enable a mass-market for connected objects

In most IoT applications, devices exchange small amounts of data with the network sporadically, so broadband communication speeds are not needed.

A wireless communication system designed specifically for low-data-rate connectivity enables devices that are affordable and have a very low power consumption. Long-range communication between gateway & devices can be achieved, making it possible to cover very large areas with few gateways, greatly simplifying system deployment.

Turnkey Solutions

The power of real low-power

We develop affordable, easy-to-install and reliable Turnkey Solutions based on our wireless communication technology.

A Turnkey solution is comprised of devices, typically including sensors and/or actuators,  connected to the network via our wireless communication system, and dedicated application software.

Here are a few examples of pilot programs we have started:


What’s going on in the pipes? This is the question water companies will be soon able to answer thanks to OrbiWise’s water quality monitoring solution.

Key paramerters measured throughout water distribution network and transmitted in real-time.


OrbiWise’s solutions will help cities to drastically reduce their cost of waste collection. Several times a day, bins and containers levels will be transmitted to the collecting services, as well as an optimized path for the teams & trucks


Helping farmers and agronomy researchers to get live data from the field directly on their computers.


Noise pollution monitoring in urban environment

Custom Solutions

Your sensors in the cloud

Are you dreaming about remote access to your sensors or actuators but don’t know about Internet-of-Things development ? Our technology can fit your needs!

Data stored in our servers or in your servers? Locally or in the cloud? We have a solution for you.

Taylored to your needs

Add the missing wireless link to your existing assets 

  • Ad hoc HW & SW design to fit your specific needs
  • Based on OrbiWise low-power/long-range communication infrastructure.

Dedicated wireless infrastructure

Private wireless infrastructure option, with indoor or outdoor Gateways & Network Management Software

Seamless integration in your environment

Applications & Analytics securely and seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure

About Us

OrbiWise is a Swiss company based in Plan-Les-Ouates – Geneva.
Founded by 6 former STMicro & Ericsson employees, OrbiWise Team has more than 100 cumulated years of experience in the wireless and telecom industries. Broad range of competencies: from RF expertise to embedded software and applications development… with some 100s millions units sold of our previous designs

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